Company Introduction

Hong Hin Electrical & Trading, a partnership company was formed in 1987 and have Undertaken various projects in the field as the main-sub contractor. In 1992 the company was granted a license by JBE ( Jabatan Bekalan Elecktrik ) to operate as a wiring contractor. From a partnership company Hong Hin Electrical & Trading, had expanded the bussiness to private company effective from 1st April 1996 with untiring effort of development and improvement of overcoming difficulties.

Lead by dynamic and experienced MD, we have ; with 11 years of organizational experienced and 15 years ( Average ) experience of our key personnel in the field ; made our mark in the local ( Penang & Southern Kedah ) construction industry.

Our success is based on a culture of hands on management and the practice of consultative leadership that harness the combined strengths of personal business acumen, professional knowledge, experience in to a highly effective and efficient team working synergistically towards our Organizational Objectives of Delivering Complete Product and Service Quality.

We see our company leading the field in terms of Product and Service Quality within the next Decade in the State of Penang.